​I’ve always believed that I was strong

Managed to convince myself for so long

That all the challenges I could take on;

But then you came and reminded me

Of all the battles with fear I thought I’ve won

I found myself being afraid again

Scared that you would leave me broken

With the walls going down, crumbling

And my world slowly falling apart

Forcing me to create a brand new start

I realized I have been afraid to love

Because being in love requires vulnerability

It demands faith even in uncertainty

And that’s a weakness I could not afford

Not at times like these in this cruel world

But somehow, somewhere in our conversations

You’ve managed to get deep in my emotions

I was almost convinced I no longer was afraid

But I knew I still was, I’m certain I still am

Because people change and feelings fade

And now I’m afraid I was right all along

That you would leave me eventually

Even when you promised you won’t

And I’m here wondering what went wrong

With all my fears roaring loud and strong

But what scares me most is this:

After all the pain you’ve put me through

With all the tears I’ve shed for you;

At the slightest snap of your fingers

Love, I’d come running back to you.